These are the most popular autumn-inspired baby names

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Earlier this year, many predicted that there would be a coronavirus baby boom over the next few months which led to many soon-to-be parents trawling through the internet to find the perfect monikers, from the smartest baby names to the names that promise fame and success.

However, if you're expecting and due to give birth, why not take a look at the most popular autumn inspired baby names? found out which autumnal monikers are currently topping the charts by surveying 2,185 people and extensively researching trends through Nameberry.

For girls, top choices include Branch, which has seen an interest increase of 150%, followed by Samhain - Gaelic for 'end of harvest season' - with a 76% increase, and Sorrell with an increase of 75%.

For boys Rust comes out on top with an interest increase of 88%, followed by Honor - inspired by Thanksgiving - and Birch, derived from the tree.

Other popular autumn-themed names include Ash, Libra, Leaf, Radley and Omri.

Of those surveyed, 29% of parents and parents-to-be would choose a season-inspired name, with 58% choosing their favourite based on the month their child is born.

Here's the list in full...

  1. Branch - inspired by nature and trees
  2. Samhain - Gaelic meaning for 'end of harvest season'
  3. Sorrell - 'Reddish brown' meaning originating from France
  4. Carmine - Hebrew/Spanish meaning for 'garden'
  5. Ash - English origin meaning 'ash tree'
  6. Bruna - Italian origin meaning 'brown'
  7. Libra - Zodiac symbol with Greek meaning of 'scales, balance'
  8. Saffron - English meaning for 'yellow flower' with ties to Old French, Arabic and Persian meaning 'gold leaves'
  9. Leaf - Inspired by nature and trees
  10. Kiona - Native American origin meaning 'brown hills'
  1. Rust - inspired by the colour 'rust'
  2. Honor - Inspired by Thanksgiving
  3. Birch - English name derived from the birch tree
  4. Miller - 'Grinder of grain' meaning from the English occupational name
  5. Radley - English origin meaning 'red meadow'
  6. Barric - English name meaning 'grain farm'
  7. Omri - Hebrew meaning 'my sheaf'
  8. Lugh - Derived from the Irish god of harvest
  9. Crispin - Latin origin meaning 'curly haired' with the first syllable 'crisp' symbolising autumn
  10. Casper - Persian origin meaning 'keeper of the treasure'

Would you choose one of these for your little one?

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