The 8 dating trends we’ve all got to look forward to in 2019

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    Just when you thought that you knew about all the dating trends out there – cushioning, stashing, the age old favourite ghosting – we’ve been told there are eight newbies just waiting to be unveiled.


    The new terms were coined by experts at dating app Plenty of Fish after a survey of over 800 users*.

    Want to know about all the ways you might be snapped up and/or dumped this year? Let’s take a look…

    Grande-ing: ‘A personal celebration after a break up, recently made popular by pop sensation Ariana Grande. Practicing gratefulness at the end of a relationship and rejecting negativity and bitterness as you move forward with your life. Thank u, next.

    According to the research, 46% admit to this behaviour with women being significantly more likely to do it than men (53% for women, 40% for men). It’s also more prevalent older generations, with 41 – 45 year olds most likely to look back fondly.

    Instagrandstanding: ‘Curating your Instagram feed with one person in mind – specifically posting pictures that will appeal to your crush.’

    Also known as ‘Gatsbying‘, over half of those surveyed admit to tailoring their Instagram feed with another person in mind, with 22 – 25-year olds being the most guilty age group.

    Scrooging: ‘Breaking up with someone shortly before the festive season just so you don’t have to get them a gift.’

    It’s bad news for couples as Christmas approaches – nearly a quarter (23%) of those surveyed have been Scrooged in the past. To make things worse, three quarters (74%) feel should break up with your partner whenever you feel is right, even if it is Christmas time. Couples should be on their guard against Scrooging this winter!

    Banksying: ‘Just like ‘Girl with Balloon’ was shredded and ruined on purpose, this is a breakup that is carefully planned way in advance.’

    A quarter admitted to planning the destruction of their own relationship way before it happened. Sadly, nearly double that (48%) suspect they’ve been on the receiving end.

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    Throning: ‘Dating someone just to boost your personal profile or reputation.’

    Only 7% of singles admit to Throning themselves, but three times more (18%) suspect that someone has done it to them. Men are actually more likely to Throne than women (10% for men, 3% for women)

    Cohabidating: ‘Shacking up with your new partner in a hurry just to relieve financial stress, even though you may not be quite ready yet.’

    Apparently, 4 in 10 singles know of someone who has rushed into co-habiting for financial reasons.

    You-Turn: ‘Falling head over heels in love with someone but suddenly changing your mind for one reason or another.’

    More than a quarter of those surveyed have experienced a sudden change of heart with a partner. Women are more likely to You-turn and suddenly bail on a relationship than men are (37% for women, 23% for men).

    Vulturing: ‘Becoming much more romantically interested in someone when you sense their current relationship is about to breakup, then swooping in to pick up the pieces…’

    So 16% admit to ‘swooping in’ after sensing a love interest’s own relationship might be about to end. Brutal.

    Are you guilty of any of these? Or have you ever been on the receiving end?

    All we know is that the number of dating trends that have emerged in the last few years are giving us a headache.

    *All statistics are taken from a survey of 822 Plenty of Fish users in December 2018.

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