Cushioning is the latest dating trend you need to be aware of

Ah, another day and another dating trend we all need to be wary of

Anyone who’s active on Tinder will no doubt have heard of the popular dating trend ghosting, and chances are you’ve either been a ghost or have been ghosted.

If you have sussed out the secret to a happy relationship and are now off living happily ever after then you may not be aware of ghosting, the act in which someone evaporates into thin air with no explanation what so ever for the poor sod they were formerly dating. Pleasant, hey?

Well, as it turns out ghosting isn’t the only dating trend single millennials need to worry about anymore.

Just recently we uncovered the horrifying reality behind the zombieing dating trend (basically when someone ghosts you and then pops up from beyond the grave a few months later and messages you as though no time at all has passed).

As if zombieing doesn’t sound bad enough, the latest dating trend taking over Tinder seems to be something known as cushioning.

The act of cushioning is very much as it sounds; when you’re in the early days of dating someone but you aren’t entirely sure if they’re the one for you then cushioning allows you to line up several other people (aka cushions) if things go tits up in order to soften (or cushion) the blow.

And Just when you thought online dating couldn’t get any more complicated.

Brutal, right?

So, are you guilty of cushioning or do you think you could even be a potential cushion right now?


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