Best lubes for anal: 7 top picks, recommended by sex experts

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Ok, it's time to talk about the best lube for anal sex. Why? Well, because anal sex is becoming more and more popular for women — in the latest National Survey of Sexual Attitudes, published in 2012, 10% of women reported having anal sex, nearly ten times as many as in 2001. And the trend hasn't slowed down: a 2019 paper from the Journal of Sex Research noted that "women viewed heterosexual anal sex as an emerging norm". 

Most experts would agree that getting the right lubricant is one of the most important parts of a comfortable and enjoyable anal sex experience. "We all know anal sex can be a bit more uncomfortable and that's because the anal canal is not self-lubricating like the vagina," explains Hope Flynn, head of content at sexual wellness and medical brand iPlaySafe

You might think you can pick your favourite from our roundup of the best lube and crack on. But not only do we need more lube for anal, we need a different kind, explains Flynn that lasts longer than standard alternatives, she continues. 

Whether you prefer water based lube or CBD lube, we have found the best lube for anal sex for safe and fun anal play. And you can be rest assured that these products all come recommended from one of the experts on our panel, including: 

Best lube for anal: 7 to try

How do you use lube for anal sex?

As Flynn mentioned earlier, we need lube for anal sex because the anus is not self-lubricating. The best way to use lube is to apply it before penetration, explains Di Mattos. "Use lubricant to prepare the penis, condom or head of the dildo, as well as rubbing it from your hands onto your anus," she explains. 

Of course, hygiene and safety is paramount in any sex, especially anal sex, so make sure everything is clean before and after anal sex when using lube.  

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