The most popular Christmas-themed baby names are beyond cute

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If you're expecting, you'll have a million and one things to do before your little one's arrival - whether it's painting the nursery, buying the cutest baby grows, or picking a beautiful name.

The latter, of course, is a tricky one. Choosing the perfect moniker is a task and a half. Do you take something from the list of the smartest baby names? Or attempt to revive one of the baby names going extinct? Perhaps it's easier to take namespiration from the predicted popular baby names of 2020.

But for those who are due in the merriest month of them all, it could be an idea to select a Christmas-themed baby name.

There are so many adorable choices for anyone who is expecting in December. According to a survey by Emma's Diary, names like Ivy, Robyn and Star come out on top when it comes to festive monikers for girls, and Gabriel, Noelle and Nicholas are popular for boys.

How cute are they?

If you're interested to see which names are the most popular around this time of year, take a look at the full lists...

1. Ivy

2. Holly

3. Eva

4. Alice

5. Charlotte

6. Robyn

7. Elsa

8. Meghan

9. Natalie

10. Angel

11. Victoria

12. Star

13. Eugenie

1. Arthur

2. Harry

3. Joseph

4. George

5. Gabriel

6. Nicholas

7. Thomas

8. Matthew

9. Christopher

10. Noelle

11. William

12. Alfred

13. Olwen

If you're not keen on a Christmas-themed baby name, you could take a look at the list of predicted popular baby names of the next ten years.

They include Charlotte, Amelia and Harper, as well as Liam, Mateo and Maverick.

However, if you want something a little bit more unique there are plenty of top names from 2019 that we still love, such as Olivia, Sophia and Lily, and Harry, Charlie and Leo.

Will you be using one of these lists to help you pick the perfect baby name?

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