The most popular baby names of 2020 have been predicted and we love them all

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  • Picking the perfect moniker for your little one isn’t easy. Should you choose one of the most popular 2019 baby names? Or should you get ahead of the curve and pick something from the names that are set to be trendy in the 2028? How about reviving one of these soon to be extinct baby names? And there are some baby names that have been banned, incase you wanted to call your newborn Facebook or @.

    If you’re due to give birth this year and are still struggling to find the right name, you could take some inspiration from the latest suggestions from Bloom and Wild.

    They have compiled a list of what they’re predicting to be the most popular baby names of 2020 based on celebrity inspiration, popular TV shows and films and floral trends.

    It seems that some of the top names from 2019 have been pushed down the list, as there’s not an Amelia or Olivia in sight.

    Let’s take a look at what the experts believe will be the most popular baby names of 2020…

    Popular baby names 2020

    • Ivy
    • Jasmine
    • Archie
    • Eve
    • Edward
    • Meghan
    • Ariana
    • Billie

    Floral names will also be a huge trend (and we’re here for it), with Poppy, Lily, Ivy, Willow and Daisy coming out on top.

    Marisa Thomas, Head of Brand at Bloom & Wild: ‘Floral names such as Poppy and Lily continue to be popular names for girls, and we’re also starting to see a resurgence of older names such as Ivy and Violet. Also on the up are more unusual floral names like Willow. We think rarer choices like this will continue to grow in popularity over the next few years.’

    Baby naming site Nameberry has also released a list of names they think will be popular this year…

    Boys names 2020

    1. Austin
    2. Alva
    3. Acacius
    4. Tate
    5. Diego
    6. Easton
    7. Lucius
    8. Cash
    9. Ash
    10. Luca

    Girls names 2020

    1. Adah
    2. Reese
    3. Mika
    4. Paisley
    5. Amina
    6. Teagan
    7. Nova
    8. Aura
    9. Pearl
    10. Billie

    It’s hardly surprising that these names make the cut because they’re lovely.

    Would you choose one of these sweet and unique baby names?

    We love them all to be honest.

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