These were the most popular baby names in 1904 (and they're all adorable)

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When it comes to picking your baby's name, there is so much to think about - should you choose something from the list of the smartest baby names? Or should you stick to one of the most popular baby names of 2019? Maybe pick one of the least popular baby names (because you might just want something that's really unique, right?).

Just don't pick something from the list of banned names, which includes Facebook and @ if you're interested.

And while many names are facing extinction - think Shannon, Kirsty and Gemma - a lot of people are using popular trends of decades past to inform their choices when it comes to baby names.

So if you're looking for something a bit more vintage, the most popular girls and boys names in 1904 have been revealed, and we have to say they're all rather adorable.

According to website British Baby Names, these were once the trendiest monikers but they've sadly slipped down the list in recent years.

Most popular girls names in 1904

1. Mary

2. Florence

3. Doris

4. Edith

5. Dorothy

Most popular boys names in 1904

1. William

2. John

3. George

4. Thomas

5. Arthur

Florence made a bit of a comeback this decade, and Edith and Dorothy are so cute that we're going to guess they'll be revived in the coming ears, too, as will the regal monikers William and George.

Would you use this list of twentieth century names as inspiration?

To be honest, we love them all.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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