So these are the most popular 2017 New Year’s resolutions

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New Year’s resolutions ideas

Diet and exercise

After a season of parties, prosecco and pies, we’re all feeling a little worse for wear so it’s time to learn how to lose weight the healthy way – or pick up a diet that allows you to eat chocolate and wine like The Sirtfood diet. (Don’t mind if we do…)

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It’s time to put down your screens and pick up a book, like one of these books to read before you die. No more double screening, it’s time to go old-school.

Pick up a new  hobby

There’s never been a better time to learn something new like a language or embroidery. Take your pick from this list of hobbies you’ve never thought about.

Save money

We already know how we’re all really spending our money nowadays so now we just need to try and put some away too.

Be kinder and more patient

It’s nice to be nice and if you want to do it on a more global scale, here are nine things to do to make the world a better place.

Get a new job

Feel like a career change? These are the skills employers are looking for in 2017, apparently. And, nail the recruitment stage by knowing exactly what to ask at a job interview. So, got the new job? Then, avoid the five mistakes people make in their first week.

Volunteer and donate more

Help the world solve its problems by doing little things from donating, to supporting Aleppo through everything from protests to fostering a refugee. If you’re curious, these are the things you learn when you volunteer for refugee crisis

Drink less booze

With these seven handy tips to help you have a successful break from booze, you can have dry January vibes throughout the year. No, this doesn’t mean eschewing alcohol forever, but will help you whenever you decide to have a little alcohol detox.

Get more sleep

It’s a known thing that women get less sleep than men but help yourself by relaxing and maybe try sleeping naked since that’s actually good for you.

Make new friends (and be a better friend)

Making new friends as an adult can seem daunting, but there are loads of ways to do it. And, you can start over with your friendship groups as an adult, too. Oh, and, apparently if you want to make new friends at work, swearing helps.

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