Apparently sleeping naked is good for you

And this is why

How to sleep comfortably in the summer heat
How to sleep comfortably in the summer heat
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And this is why

It's one of the greatest debates - pyjamas vs skin - but according to a recent study, there may be a clear winner between the two. Aside from the fact it's comfortable, costs nothing and makes middle of the night sex way easier, sleeping naked is actually good for your health. So instead of slipping into your silk twin set tonight, try sleeping in the buff.

5 reasons why you ditch your P.Js and go commando:

You sleep better

According to The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, your body temperature naturally declines as a part of your Circadian Rhythm as you sleep deeply. One study even found that the slightest cooling of the skin helps individuals fall into a much deeper sleep. So, if you're over-heated, you're more likely to have a shitty night's sleep.

It can make your skin glow and your hair shine

A study conducted by the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that when your body temperature dips during sleep, melatonin and growth hormones are released - both of which are known for their regenerating properties and ability to make your skin and hair healthier.

It's better for your vagina 

We all have tiny organisms, known as yeast that naturally grow in our vagina in small numbers, but if your vagina becomes over-heated or irritated from being confined, you can end up with a bacteria infection.

It can reduce fat

Staying cool through the night has been found to increase your metabolism because your 'brown fat' (also knwon as good fat) is activated, which then generates body heat and burns calories. It also helps to it decrease your levels of cortisol (the stress hormones), which is known for holding onto belly fat.

You'll be happier when you wake up

Experts say that skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin in your brain - a hormone that contributes to the feeling of relaxation, trust and psychological stability.

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