These are the most popular designer baby names of the year

Over a quarter of a million babies have been named after fashion brands

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Soon-to-be parents will be looking in lots of different places for baby name inspiration, and there are so many lists to look at while you're awaiting the patter of tiny feet - from the most popular TV and film inspired baby names to monikers inspired by food and drinks

For the more traditional, these vintage baby names are beyond cute and there are also some names deemed to be luckier than others

But for those who like the sound of designer baby names, there are the high-end fashion brands to turn to for a little help. 

In order to find out which fashion inspired monikers have been most popular in 2022, Accent Clothing looked at which brands were also making their way into baby name territory. 

So far this year, over 250k babies have been bestowed a name reflective of their parents favourite designers, with the likes of Armani, Kenzo and Valentino making the top ten. 

This year, more than 65,000 newborns were called Armani, and Prada saw a huge surge in popularity with over 700 babies given the name compared to just 280 last year. 

Klein and Dolce are also favoured, but Fendi just missed a spot in the top 10 (despite 840 baby Fendis born this year) - although Boss made a surprising appearance. 

Ian Kelly, Buying & Commercial Director at Accent Clothing, commented: “It is interesting to see how many parents love a brand so much that they name their children after their favourite designer clothing brands. 

"We looked at a range of names related to fashion houses, taking out any top scorers such as Stella or Celine, which are popular in their own right. We were very interested to see which names have grown in popularity – Prada has seen a huge surge this year. It just goes to show the immense impact fashion can have on us all."

So - what are the most popular designer baby names of 2022?

Take a look...

The top 10 fashion-inspired baby names

  • Armani - 65k babies
  • Kenzo - 60k babies
  • Valentino - 44k babies
  • Dior - 41k babies
  • Chanel - 32k babies
  • Coco - 19k babies
  • Boss - 4.6k babies 
  • Diesel - 4.6k babies
  • Klein - 3.6k babies
  • Hermes - 2.6k babies 

Names like Yves (1,800 babies) and Gucci (280) just missed the cut, while Givenchy and Versace are still rarely used. 

Dr Jane Pilcher, SFHEA, Associate Professor of Sociology - who specialises in baby names - says the names are reflective of the parents and their aspirations for their little ones, explaining: "It’s telling that of the fashion brand names mentioned, they’re all high-end brands. It might be that parents who are choosing these names want some of the prestige and status to be reflected in their child’s name and rub off on the child. 

"This shows baby names can reflect parents and their aspirations. There may be an element of parents choosing names based on what they want their child to achieve and be in life."

Would you choose a baby name inspired by your favourite designer brand?

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