These vintage baby names are set to make a comeback this year

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Vintage baby names
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Baby names have seen some pretty bold trends in recent years. There has been a surge in popularity for 'main character energy' names like Thor and Maverick, thanks to the powerful protagonists gracing the silver screens, and some parents are even turning to their favourite food and drinks for inspiration when it comes to naming their little one - choosing everything from Strawberry to Kale.

However, classic baby names still manage to retain a certain charm - and in 2023, there are a number of vintage baby names that you can expect to see making a comeback. 

While there are still some monikers at risk of extinction, parents expecting the patter of tiny feet are seemingly keener than ever to revive names that would have been heard more frequently in eras gone by. 

In fact, baby naming experts are predicting that vintage baby names will be a huge trend this year. 

For girls, monikers like Julia, Dorothy and Estelle are seeing increased interest, and for boys it's more likely you'll hear Vincent, Abraham and Edwin. 

Want to know which vintage baby names are on the rise? 

Take a look at what the experts think...

Vintage baby names

Vintage baby names for girls

  1. Eleanor
  2. Julia 
  3. Betty
  4. Dorothy
  5. Florence
  6. Margaret
  7. Adelaide
  8. Inez
  9. Evelyn
  10. Estelle

Vintage baby names for boys

  1. Henry
  2. Oliver
  3. Vincent
  4. Abraham
  5. Noah
  6. James
  7. Leo
  8. Louis
  9. Edwin
  10. Chester

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Editor in Chief of Random Names, Mia Bardot, said: "It is so exciting to see these timeless classics resurfacing. Eleanor, Margaret, Julia, and Adelaide have royal and elegant rings, while Betty and Inez were immensely popular in the 20th century and present a charming simplicity. 

"The sturdy and enduring appeal of names such as Henry, James, and Louis is hard to resist due mainly to their deeply rooted royal associations. 

"These vintage names will continue to rise in popularity. With such an elegant and historical feel to them, it's no wonder people are opting for them as the names for their new babies."

Would you choose one of these classic monikers for your little one?

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