These are the everyday household items that could earn you a fortune on eBay

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If you're looking to save a bit of money, you might be tempted to try this viral money saving hack which promises to help you bank over £5,000 in six months. You might also be interested in earning money from your wardrobe, or even by going green.

As the year comes to a close, a number of people are also considering selling their unused goods for a bit of a bank balance boost. And if you're looking around your home and wondering what you can shift, you may want to find out exactly what goods do best on eBay.

eBay UK has shared a list of 10 types of everyday items that could sell for a pretty penny, reporting the average selling price of an item in each category and working out just how much you could earn if you parted with the things that you no longer need.

Emma Grant, Head of Preloved at eBay said: 'Many will be surprised at just how much money you can make from selling items around the house you no longer need to help fund the festive season.

'An old office desk for example could make you around £75 so it is definitely worth having a look to see what items you could convert to cash to make this Christmas a little easier on the pocket.'

So what could you sell to make a bit of extra cash? Let's take a look at the top earners on eBay...

What household items earn the most on eBay?

  • Musical instruments – Average Selling Price (ASP) £261.59
  • Vehicle parts and accessories – ASP £154.20 Examples: Tyres, GPS devices, and spare tools
  • Cameras and photography equipment – ASP £107.17 Examples: digital camera, camcorders, camera lenses and filters
  • Antiques – ASP £93.70 Examples: silver, furniture, clocks
  • Books, comics and magazines – ASP £78.25
  • Office equipment and supplies – ASP £73.77 Example: copiers, desks, desk chairs, projectors
  • Sporting goods – ASP £63.15 Examples: cycling, yoga and fishing equipment
  • Computers and networking supplies – ASP £62.11 Examples: keyboards, mouses, laptops, and headsets
  • Garden supplies – ASP £46.61 Examples: plants, seeds & bulbs, garden and patio furniture, lawnmowers
  • Audiovisual tech – ASP £45.56 Examples: televisions, home speakers and headphones


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