This clever trick will help you find how to choose a sports bra that looks good and *actually* supports you

Bank cards at the ready.

How to find a sports bra: a woman in a sports bra
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Bank cards at the ready.

If, like me, you enjoy regular sweat sessions and are constantly on the hunt for a squat-proof pair of gym leggings, sweat-wicking workout tops, or springy, supportive running trainers, then you'll know that finding genuinely good fit kit that works for your body isn't all that easy.

You can shop our edits, of course - I sweat test kit for a living and have rounded up the very best gym leggings, best workout trainers, and best sports bras here. But how do you know that our picks are right for you, your body, and your workout requirements?

Good question - and one that Sportsshoes has thought of as, this month, they've launched their new sports bra finder tool designed to help you find the right support for your sport.

Did you know? You'll need totally different support for low impact workouts like yoga, weight training, or reformer Pilates compared to higher impact sessions, like running or high intensity interval training.

That's because your breasts can move up to 19cm during workouts and with more G force than an F1 car.

You might not be all that bothered about this now and keep soldering through your 5km's in a bra designed for downward dog, but trust me when I say, getting the right support is important. Why? Because with high impact workouts like HIIT, running and so on, you'll be jumping around more, causing your boobs to move more and potentially cause both pain and sagging if not properly supported.

During low impact sessions, you'll need far less support than high impact, as, in short, your boobs will be bouncing around less.

Case in point: a recent study from Adidas found that a lack of adequately supportive sports bra resulted in movement-related breast pain for 44% of women. (Check out Adidas' extensive new range of 43+ bras, here).

How to choose a sports bra - your guide

It's as simple as:

  1. Heading to the
  2. On the top nav bar, click Women's - Support Bras
  3. In the rectangle underneath Find The Right Support, click Help Me Find My Bra
  4. From there, answer the questions about your size, sport of choice and so on and see which bra would be best for you.

Sports bra finder tool from

What the bra finder looks like on

I'm a marathon runner, and so the bras suggested for me are all high support for high impact. My sister, on the other hand, prefers yoga, and so her suggestions are lower support.

One particular standout feature that I love? You can indicate what time of neckline you like. (I'm quite fussy about mine and prefer a higher neckline - more flattering for my broad shoulders and more supportive for long distance runs, too).

Some examples of the differing support options below:

High support - Nike Flyknit Sports Bra£43.77

High support - Nike Flyknit Sports Bra

Medium support - Asics Posture Sports Bra£14.99

Medium support - Asics Posture Sports Bra

Low support - Under Armour Seamless Sports Bra£14.99

Low support - Under Armour Seamless Sports Bra

Happy shopping - and sweating.

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