7 #fitnessmotivation tips that will stop you from flaking on your next workout

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  • Not bothered with your next workout? Here are seven ways you can motivate yourself for the gym, courtesy of Virgin Active.

    Get a workout buddy

    This is the number one motivator, though Israel Rivera, Head of Group Exercise at Virgin Active says it shouldn’t be ‘a close friend, but someone of a similar fitness’.

    Treat yourself to a PT if you need extra motivation

    ‘I treat myself to a trainer, I’d rather spare myself the extra coffees or lunches out and bank savings for my sessions. My health and future are worth the investment,’ he says.

    Get a personal plan

    Israel says, ‘Set specific goals, i.e. marathon and triathlon training, graduation, weddings etc. Something to make the journey enjoyable and worthwhile.’


    ‘Find something that works for you. Book in your classes, I like the Virgin Active app for scheduling my classes and planning my week of workouts. I appreciate the reminders throughout the week to prompt me when my next workout is coming up!’ he says.

    Choose your sport

    If you’re not sure what sport is for you, try everything before committing to your ‘sports tribe’ and don’t be afraid to try things that aren’t normally your thing. You might like running, swimming, boxing or doing another exercise class.

    Use social media

    In this case, social media is a good thing. 46% of women use it to support their fitness goals (compared to 28% of men), and if you search for #fitnessmotivation on Instagram, you’ll get more than 33 million posts from trainers and gym-goers showing off their results and motivating each other. How positive is that?

    Treat it as me time

    Apparently, 20% of women see the gym as ‘me time’, where they can work all their stresses out, and then enjoy a bit of pamper time at the pool or sauna. If you view your workout as a treat before spa time, you won’t want to miss it.

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