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A shot of the new Adanola x Pernille Teisbaek, the OG of street styling.
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You'll likely have heard of athleisurewear brand Adanola, best known for their fashion-forward gym leggings and sports bras that not only look good but actually perform when you're getting a sweat on, too.

Today, they've launched their biggest ever collaboration with fashion stylist Pernille Teisbæk, the creative consultant at Gia Borghini.

They approached the expert - dubbed the "OG of street styling" - for their first design collab.

With a simple yet sophisticated style and a casual 1.4 million followers on Instagram, her approach to fashion is simple: comfortable, chic, and effortlessly cool.

She's curated a range of looks that look smart for both working out and going out, bridging the gap between sporty and stylish.

Adanola x Pernille: Introducing the biggest collab ever from the brand

Speaking about the collaboration and her inspiration behind the range, the stylist shared: "The inspiration for the collection is taken from pieces that I wear all the time. Things that are easy to integrate in your wardrobe - pieces that you can wear on repeat."

Continuing, she added: "I'm very drawn to the masculine and the feminine combination - it's something that I always play with within my own wardrobe. I think that it's really fun and exciting to bring that into Adanola's world."

Covering wardrobe staples, everyday essentials, relaxed work-from-home clothes, and gym kit, the collection has been designed with longevity in mind - that is, she's designed items that you'll still wear in years to come and in different ways.

Expect a 90's feel, plenty of low rise trousers, bomber jackets, and a new colourway of Adanola's best-selling legging and spaghetti strap matching gym set, too.

Her favourite piece from the collection? She shares that it's a tough one, but if she had to pick, she'd go for the parachute pants. "They're really comfortable, and as a mother, I'm on the ground a lot playing with my kids. I'm also very active, so it's important to me that I'm wearing something that I feel comfortable but chic in."

Available while stocks last, so act fast. Keen to shop our Health Editor's picks from the collection? Keep scrolling.

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