Say hello to London's super stylish pop-up bar coming to your room

Want to get your party started? W London Hotel just launched a luxurious in-room bar service

Want to get your party started? W London Hotel just launched a luxurious in-room bar service

Words by Angelina Puschkarski

Why leave your room - when the bar can come to you? That's the motto behind W London Hotel's latest venture anyway, who this week revealed their portable Mega Bar service, bringing the bar straight to your suite and serving up the fruitiest cocktails, mixed by your very own mixologist.

Wheeled into the suite, the luxurious Mega Bar is much more than just a drinks trolley. Stocked up with the finest liquor to be shaken, stirred and sipped, it also comes with a sound system, disco ball and personal bartender. So whether you decide to have a little pre-drink before a cheeky night out in town, or plan on staying in, W’s mobile (and well-equipped) Mega Bar will sort you out.

Mega Bar

The idea for the Mega Bar emerged after W London’s successful Walk Out Wardrobe project (a designer-wardrobe room service launched in partnership with Girl Meets Dress) and its equally successful vinyl room project The Vinyl Collection, curated with DJs Annie Mac and Lauren Laverne. The mission was to offer guests an exclusive hotel experience. The launch of a mobile pop-up bar was therefore only a question of time.

Martijn Mulder, W London’s General Manager, said: 'W London prides itself on being an industry disruptor in the luxury hotel market, pushing boundaries with its forward-thinking and innovative in-room services. The Mega Bar is a reflection of W London’s commitment in offering new and next experiences, to ensure guests’ stays are truly memorable.'

The Mega Bar, plus all its services, are available to all guests of the W Hotel in Leicester Square free of charge (you’ll only have to pay for the drinks) and pre-bookable up to 48 hours ahead of the arrival date.

Mega Bar

The menu consists of a vast selection of boozy deliciousness: from a Stiff Breeze, a fruity fusion containing La Diablada Pisco, elderflower and apricot liqueur with passion fruit puree, honey, lime juice, egg white and cherry bitter, to Cool Britannia, a zesty cocktail combining Tanqueray Gin, apple liqueur, white wine and lemon juice, home made elderflower syrup, lemongrass and a hint of cucumber.

Another of our favourites is the vibrant composition called Golden Sunrise made of Tequila, Aperol, passion fruit puree, and agave with an added kick of grapefruit juice. It is finished off with a gold leaf garnish and is - just to add that little extra glow - offered with a Bliss Hide & Sleek Glow self-tanning spray.

And there's even an inflatable flamingo drinks holder which you can get with Wet Wet Wet, a juicy cocktail created with Ketel One citron vodka, lychee liqueur, lemongrass ginger cordial and lemon juice.

Mega Bar

And should you decide to throw a bigger bash, fear not, the W Hotel also offers a ‘party package’ with champagne and cocktails on tap, hair and make-up stylists (yes, you read right) and your very own DJ.

We were lucky enough to have the full Mega Bar experience in the Marie Claire office last Friday, where we were treated to two specially created cocktails: a Passion Fruit Collins and a Recharge Kir Royale, both served in a high-ball glass and topped with pretty flowers. We couldn't resist asking for the secret recipes (you can thank us later.)

Mega Bar

Mega Bar Passion Fruit Collins

35ml Kettle One Vodka 20ml Passion Fruit Liqueur 15ml Lime Juice 20ml Sugar 30ml Passion Fruit Puree 40ml Apple Juice

Shake together, strain over ice in a high ball glass.

Mega Bar Recharge Kir Royale

35ml Cranberry Juice 25ml Lime Juice 20ml Sugar 25ml Raspberry Puree

Shake together, pour over ice in high-ball and top up with Champagne.

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