This supermarket gin just beat the premium brands in a taste test

You'll want to get your hands on this

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You'll want to get your hands on this

You're on the list to make magical cocktails at the new Harry Potter bar, you've ditched hygge for the Scottish lifestyle trend coorie, and now you've got your favourite beauty advent calendar ready for the Christmas countdown.

Looks like you're well and truly ready for winter 2018.

But there's one thing missing - gin. That's right, as we swap balmy nights out for cosy nights in, you'll want to make sure you have a nice bottle of gin in the cupboard (because mulled wine isn't for everyone).

So how do you pick? Do you go for the big brands who we know and trust, or do we chance it with a supermarket own brand version?

sainsburys gin

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It turns out, heading to your local Sainsbury's is the answer.

Why? Because the supermarket's own brand gin has beat its premium competitors in a blind taste test.

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Blackfriars gin scored a huge 83 per cent when judges from Which? pitted our favourite gins against each other.

Those testing the flavours said that Sainsbury's offering had an 'exuberant aroma and freshness' compared to the other brands. Sounds pretty fancy, eh?

The gin is distilled four times using ten botanicals to create a 'complex and balanced' spirit. And, it comes in at just £16 a bottle. Bargain.

sainsbury's gin

Credit: Sainsbury's

Other gins in the competition include a mix of supermarket and superior brands, but surprisingly the top four out of five were own-brand products from ASDA, Lidl, Marks and Spencer's.

ASDA's Special Triple Distilled Premium Gin scored 75 per cent; Lidl's Hortus Original London Dry Gin was given 74 per cent, and the M&S London Gin achieved 71 per cent.

Traditional brands like Gordon's Special London Dry Gin and Beefeaters London Dry Gin scored 66 per cent and 63 per cent respectively.

Note to self: go home via a Sainsbury's tonight...

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