There's a new Harry Potter bar in London and we're already there


harry potter bar london
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Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

We might be living in a muggle's world, but every now and then we're treated to a bit of magic. Over the years, we've been blessed with a range of Harry Potter-inspired things - from limited edition Harry Potter stamps, to Harry Potter brunches, to Quidditch meet-up groups.

Yes, that's right - the game isn't just restricted to witches and wizards, thank you very much.

And we're clearly still not over the wizarding world and all its wonderment, because a new themed bar has just popped up in London.

It's a cocktail of mixology and magic, so if you're still salty about the fact that you never got to take your OWLS then this is for you.

The Cauldron (apt) promises an immersive cocktail experience, complete with your own house robes and even an interactive wand.

Already sold? Same.

harry potter costumes

(Image credit: Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

There are recipe books and your very own Potions Master to help you create your concoctions (which billow smoke, natch), with the website stating that you get to choose 'two potions to brew from our full range of molecular potion options, each of which have different traits and effects.'

You'll get 1 hour 45 minutes to whip up a storm, and it also includes alcohol-free, gluten, and vegan options.


Tickets will set you back a mere £29.99 - £34.99, depending on when you want to visit, and it includes three small homemade Poetic Meads and two magical cocktails.

We're there.

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