Everything you need to know about coorie - 2018's answer to hygge

Here's everything you need to know

coorie scottish lifestyle trend

Here's everything you need to know

Remember hygge? It was the buzzword of winter 2016. The art of Danish living took over and suddenly we were bombarded with cosy candlelit dinners, fluffy pillows and throws, and big, warming dinners shared with friends.

And absolutely no one was complaining, because who doesn't want to take every opportunity to be cosy around Christmas? Especially during those cold, wet, miserable post-holiday months that seem to last forever.

Grab yourself a sheepskin rug and a hot cup of coffee and you're basically set until the sun comes back in March, right?

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But there's a different lifestyle concept that will be everywhere this season - say hello to coorie.

The Scottish lifestyle trend isn't new by any means. It's a centuries old means of keeping cosy during winter, and literally translates as 'cuddle' or 'snuggle' - so you can already get a feel of what it all means.

According to Gabrielle Bennett, author of The Art of Coorie, it's 'used to describe a feeling of cool, contemporary Caledonia. One that looks forward while also paying respect to our oldest traditions.'

It aims to 'try and lead a quieter existence where the endless pursuit of work is balanced by small pleasures,' she told The Times.

Essentially, swapping the chaos of modern living for a simpler, more stripped back life.

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So how can you adopt a coorie lifestyle?

Where hygge is all about being cosy indoors, coorie is focused on embracing the outdoors. Coorie believes in appreciating the outdoors and making the most of our surroundings in order to feel content.

Suggested activities include wild loch swimming, camping and Highland walks, followed by wrapping up by a fire in a country pub. When throwing a coorie dinner party, it'll mean asking your guests to each bring a dish and throwing it all together to be shared.

All the while being tucked up in traditional thick, woollen blankets and Fair Isle knits.

Sounds like a pretty perfect Sunday to us.

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