A Reese's Peanut Butter egg exists and we absolutely need one


reeses peanut butter egg


Easter is coming, and there are so many delicious eggs out there that we hardly know which one(s) to pick. There's the Aldi ruby chocolate Easter egg using a brand new type of chocolate, there's the Waitrose avocado Easter egg which is a chocolate dream, and then there's the M&S pink Prosecco Easter egg that sounds like an absolute delight.

And then you've got the slightly more unusual offerings - such as these properly solid Game of Thrones dragon eggs, the IKEA flat-pack chocolate bunny and the divisive Marmite chocolate Easter egg (yes, it's a thing).

But if you thought that things couldn't get any better, we've got some great news for you: a Reese's Peanut Butter egg exists and Easter is made.

Masterminds at Hershey's have created a 170g egg with a 1/4 inch-thick milk chocolate casing that's filled with peanut butter. It first came to people's attention thanks to a post on Ashleigh's Money Saver Facebook page, and has since become a viral sensation with over 5.5k comments.


'I'll be needing this after going 47 days with no chocolate,' one person wrote.

'Wooowwwww,' another added.

This wonder is available on Amazon for £14.99 and has an average rating of 3.6 stars from customers.

We'll take two.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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