Percy Pig Swiss rolls and mini bites are now a thing and we need some immediately

percy pig swiss roll m&s

If you love all things Percy Pig, you've probably tried the Percy Pig ice cream, bought yourself a Percy Pig advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas and whipped up a delicious sounding Percy Pig cocktail at home. You might have even picked up a packet of Percy Pig Mince Pies, a sweet twist on the traditional festive offering, because obviously they sound amazing.

But if that's not quite enough, M&S is now selling two newbies from the fan favourite: a Percy Pig Swiss Roll and Mini Bites, and they both look dreamy.

In stores from today, the Swiss Roll is a tasty pink cake - think fluffy sponge stuffed with Percy flavoured buttercream, a generous helping of Percy pieces and sprinkled with edible glitter. According to M&S, it's 'everything you could want from a sweet cake treat, but with Percy's unmistakable twist of all things pink and delicious' and the 'Percy Pig sponge roll is twirly and curly just like Percy's tail. This Percy treat is delicious served on it's own or used to make our Percy trifle recipe.'

Sounds good to us. And at just £1.50, it's also a complete bargain.

Then there's the Mini Bites, mouthwatering squares in a Rocky Road style, combining the traditional Percy, marshmallow and rice pops which are coated in white chocolate. The description reads: 'Inspired by the Percy Pig rice pop recipe that you LOVED this summer, our Percy Pig mini bites have arrived in store. These perfectly Percy bite-sized delights combine rice pops with fruity jelly pieces and squishy, chewy marshmallows.'

percy pig mini bites

Credit: M&S

They offer the 'iconic squidgy flavour and texture' and are part of the two for £4 deal, so there's no reason not to pick up a couple of tubs to try.

So what are you waiting for?

Time to head to your nearest M&S...

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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