A Percy Pig cocktail now exists and it sounds delicious (obviously)

The M&S Percy Pig Dessert Sauce hit shelves earlier this month, and what a way to make January that bit less miserable. While the festive season is well and truly over and we’re already halfway through the grey, wet and windy first month of 2020 we need as many treats as possible to see us through.

With the launch of the brand new pink ruby chocolate Magnum (no, it’s never too cold for ice cream) or the introduction of the Costa pink hot chocolate, things aren’t all that bad.

And they’re about to get a whole lot better for anyone who is a Percy Pig fan. One bar in Glasgow has created the Percy Pig cocktail it sounds like an actual dream.

Driftwood bar has magically made the fruity and sweet drink using the dessert sauce, decorated with candy-floss and – naturally – a Percy Pig sweet. It’s a concoction of pink gin, strawberry vodka and cranberry juice which sounds epic.

Nicola Walker, the bar’s general manager, told Tyla, said: ‘We obviously do lots of sweetie and popular culture inspired cocktails, so, when the new Marks and Spencer’s Percy Pig dessert sauce was released I started to wonder why we had never done a Percy Pig Cocktail before – because everyone loves them!

‘We decided to use the dessert sauce to make an alcoholic celebration of the sweets! Plus it comes with a your very own Percy Pig sweet.’

The best bit? It’s only £3.50. What a bargain.

So if you live in Glasgow, you know where to head on your next night out.

Or if you ever find yourself in the Scottish city or fancy a little UK getaway, now you know where to go.

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