Jaffa Cake flavoured ice lollies now exist and we’re totally here for it

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  • Summer is coming, and we’ve been promised a heatwave. Those who are partial to a gin tipple have a number of options when it comes to drinking something tasty and refreshing in the sunshine. There’s the Aldi watermelon gins, the Gordon’s gin mediterranean orange flavour and the Lidl gin festival which includes ten new flavours from Shetland Reel Ocean Sent Gin with seaweed from Shetland coastline rocks to Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger Gin.

    Oh, and then there’s the Jaffa Cake gin which is distilled with oranges, fresh orange peel, cocoa powder and actual Jaffa Cakes, for a ‘full-on Jaffa cake tastiness built around a distinctive base of crisp juniper.’ Delicious.

    But if you want to get that sweet flavour in the form of a summery treat, how would you feel about a Jaffa Cake ice lolly?

    If the answer is ‘excited’, then you’re in luck because they now exist courtesy of Morrisons.

    Think classic orangey chocolatey flavours in a cool and refreshing lolly form, these delicious treats are a combination of chocolate flavoured ice cream with orange jelly with a chocolate flavour coating. Yum.

    Just picture yourself sat in the garden, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying one of these absolute delights. Really, what more could you ask for (other than guaranteed rays)?

    A box of five will cost just £1 – yes, really – and are available both online and in stores, so the next time you pop to Morrisons make sure you pick up a pack or three.

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