The Greatest Showman Easter eggs exist and we need one

Brb, off to Manchester

greatest showman easter egg

Brb, off to Manchester

Easter eggs. This year, they're coming in all shapes and sizes. You've got Hotel Chocolate Easter 'sandwiches', a Marks and Spencer Prosecco egg exists, you can nibble your way through a cheese Easter egg if you prefer savoury, and there are so many delicious dairy-free options if you're looking for the best vegan Easter eggs.

And while all of the above look fab, we're actually blown away by the most recent Easter egg to hit the shelves.

Prepare yourself for a proper chocolate beauty.

One bakery is creating The Greatest Showman-inspired Easter eggs and they look magnificent.

Slattery's Patissier & Chocolatier in Greater Manchester is offering these magical circus-esque eggs that look very similar to everyone's favourite showman, P T Barnum.

It costs £16.95 but if you really want one we'd pre-order it ASAP as they're sure to be very popular.

They're not the only wonder eggs that the bakery is creating. There are also some incredible superhero-themed eggs, including 'Bat Boy' (which looks like a cute little Batman), a 'Women Wonder' egg and a 'Captain A' egg.

To be honest, these look so good that we're not sure we could bring ourselves to smash them up and eat them.

Then again...

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