This amazing Ferrero Rocher trick will blow your mind

We can't believe we never knew this before!

ferrero rocher

We can't believe we never knew this before!

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

A Ferrero Rocher tray is the staple of any good Christmas/Friday night. The little golden balls are recognised the world over as the deliciously crunchy chocolate mouthfuls that are irresistible to approximately 99% of people. Is it the magpie in us that is drawn to the gold case? Is it the fact that they've successfully nailed that perfect crunch-to-smooth ratio? Or is it simply because when we unwrap them we can re-enact Miss Trunchbull's infamous 'Much too good for children!' line whilst cackling wildly?

Maybe we're unique with the last one. But if, like us, you can hardly contain yourself when that golden tray comes out, then you'll never have noticed that there's something quite amazing about the way they're packed together - and, if anyone has the willpower of the Gods and can resist scoffing them immediately after the tray is opened, you'll be able to do this amazing party trick and impress all your fellow Ferrero Rocher-loving friends.

Are you ready?

The balls actually rotate like gears when they're packed tightly together, and now the Internet has lost its collective mind over it. Yes, if you spin one Ferrero Rocher, it causes those around it to spin around, working in beautiful golden harmony, making them the most exciting chocolate ever (probably helped by the fact that Cadbury chocolate are cutting the size of their bars and upping the prices).

Don't believe us? Here's the video of the chocolate in action for anyone disputing their magic.

Now all you have to do is pop to your nearest supermarket and pick up a few trays of Ferrero Rocher.

Just think of how many people you can impress with this! Never again will you have to drunkenly do the worm in front of a room full of people - this is a top-class party trick by itself.

Excuse us while we go and try it out for ourselves.

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