This is why Cadbury chocolate will be more expensive (OR smaller)

Great. Just great.

Great. Just great.

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Ah, Cadbury! The masterminds behind the classic Dairy Milk, the delightful Creme Egg, and the legendary Flake chocolate bars that are not only a crumbly god-send, but also don't melt (really, we tried).

Do they ever get it wrong? The Dairy Milk Ritz was a bold collaboration, and it shouldn't work, but for some unknown reason it just does.

However, the political climate of the UK is impacting our fave Cadbury products in a way we don't want to accept. Thanks to Brexit, our chocolate bars are about the get a whole load more expensive or - worse - smaller.

Glenn Caton, who is in charge of Cadbury in Britain, told the Guardian that in light of Britain's exit from the EU they will have to make some (sad) changes to the chocolate bars we know and love. He explained that in order to maintain the same quality and taste, it's likely they'll have to hike up prices or make them smaller, and Caton also admitted that these changes could help to keep the company in Britain.

It might not be a surprise to anyone who noticed that the humble Toblerone has changed forever (ahem, meaning they've literally halved the amount of triangles), as Cadbury is part of the same company, Mondelez. You may have also realised that the price of the lowly Freddo has catapulted to an outrageous 30p.

Perhaps it's time to move to Denmark now...

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