Costa is selling a caramel-stuffed Rolo muffin and we're so ready

*Grabs handbag and dashes to nearest cafe*

Costa Coffee new Rolo muffin
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*Grabs handbag and dashes to nearest cafe*

From Malteser Krispy Kreme doughnuts to Lindt white chocolate Easter bunnies, there are so many mouth-watering sweet treats on offer at current, it's hard to know where to start.

Costa Coffee, one of the UK's favourite high-street cafes, is only expanding the options with a steady stream of delicious sounding new menu releases. Exhibit A: their pink hot chocolate which launched in January; next up, their seriously good Terry's chocolate orange muffin just in time for Christmas. So what have lead food developers been cooking up next?

For spring, Costa chefs have introduced a chocolate and caramel muffin made from—yep, you read it right—Rolo chocolates, stuffed with sweet caramel sauce and drizzled in caramel icing, to boot. They describe the new addition to the menu as 'a decadent chocolate muffin finished with three mini Rolos for the ultimate sweet treat.'

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In a word: yum. Their press release continues to detail that it's almost 'too good to share', and predicted to be one of their most popular new menu launches. We don't know about you, but that sounds like a prrretty good 11am or 4pm snack..

Also new to the menu is a salted caramel brownie made from dark chocolate, salted caramel and milk chocolate chunks, plus a limited-edition Belgian bun, which, according to Costa reps, is 'a soft, chewy dough bun containing a lemon filling and juicy sultanas, finished with white icing and topped with a cherry.' Afternoon tea, anyone?

It's not just the food options that are expanding—Costa is also offering Alpro oat milk in all hot drinks and expanding their coffee offerings for customers, adding a flat white with oat milk to the menu.

To taste any of the new exciting additions for yourself, simply head into any Costa Coffee store. We'll race you there.

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