Krispy Kreme x Maltesers doughnuts are now a thing and what a dream

krispy kreme malteser doughnut

If you've got a bit of a sweet tooth, you probably find yourself reaching for something sugary when the 3pm craving kicks in - whether it's a white chocolate Twix or a Creme Egg chocolate cake bar.

And if you're a big fan of the iconic Krispy Kreme, you've probably already tried the Krispy Kreme KitKat doughnut and the Nutella stuffed Krispy Kremes.

However, the newest delicious doughnut is a union so perfect that it'll leave you drooling.

Enter the Krispy Kreme x Malteser delight.

It's the Original Glazed doughnut which has been hand-dipped in a silky milk chocolate ganache, then topped with a piping of malted crème and then sprinkled with crunchy Maltesers on top.


But, as always, there is a catch. These are currently only available in Australia - so if you want to try one you'll have to jet across the globe or hope that they eventually land in the UK.

'Together with Maltesers, we set out to create the ultimate chocolate doughnut,' Krispy Kreme's food technologist Tasha Kaur said.

'After plenty of product trials and taste testing, we're thrilled to finally share our creation with the chocolate lovers of Australia.'

Mars marketing manager Nicole Villari said: 'Our collaboration with Krispy Kreme really celebrates Australia's love for Maltesers.

'It's been incredible to see the flavour profile of our delicious Maltesers being transformed in a new and exciting treat experience.'

Well, they sound like a proper treat. Fingers crossed that they make their way overseas soon!

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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