Why you need to move to Denmark *now*

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  • Time to get packing...

     Pack your bags, ladies, we’re moving to Denmark.

    Why? Because it’s officially been declared the happiest place to live in the world.

    Yes, despite it’s freezing temperatures and famously miserable Prince Hamlet (well, according to Shakespeare anyway), Denmark has topped the poll in the 2016 World Happiness Report, to be voted the most satisfying place to live on the planet.

    Beating last years winner – Switzerland – to the top spot, Denmark scored a total ‘happiness score’ of 7.526, the highest of all the 157 ranked countries.

    The scores were compiled by examining how each country’s residents evaluated their lives on a scale of one to ten according to factors such as equality, social support, life expectancy, GDP per capita, corruption and ‘freedom to make like choices’.

    With Denmark having a life expectancy of 80 (the global average is 71), free health care, an excellent welfare system and one of the smallest wealth gaps in the world, it’s no surprise that it topped the rankings this year.

    However, past research has shown that Danes are actually genetically happier than other people. For example, a study conducted by the University of Warwickshire found that ‘the greater a nation’s genetic distance from Denmark, the lower the reported wellbeing of that nation.’

    Thanks to Viking invaders, that should mean the British are pretty happy too. However, the UK only came in at 23rd in the World Happiness Report with a score of 6.725 – below the likes of countries such as Mexico and Israel.

    Still, it could be worse. Especially if you live in Burundi, the country rated the least happy with a score of just 2.905 – probably a result of the life expectancy being just 56 years old. Countries such as Syria, Togo, Benin and Afghanistan only marginally improved on Burundi’s score.

    Meanwhile, Nordic countries topped the poll, with Iceland, Norway and Finland taking the third, fourth and fifth slots.

    And if you can’t disappear off to Denmark? We say crack out the Lego, watch The Little Mermaid on repeat and hope that a little Danish happiness rubs off on you… 

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