This £5.99 rosé has just been voted one of the best in the world

*Drives to Aldi immediately*

rose wine
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*Drives to Aldi immediately*

It's a total misconception that cheap wine always means bad wine...

In fact, even fancy organic wine doesn't have to cost you much. And, although you may have become a pro at doing this wine hack which makes a cheap bottle taste expensive, this bottle of rosé from German value supermarket Aldi is a game changer - especially as it's officially rosé season.

Our usual trick with a rosé which isn't quite up to scratch is to have it over lashings of ice but this bottle is so delicious, you won't have to do that.

And considering that Science says wine can be good for you (and can actually stimulate your brain) when drunk in moderation of course, we usually don't mind investing in a good bottle.

But, seriously, this one won't break the bank so is the perfect bottle to bring along to any upcoming BBQs or summer parties...

The Côtes De Provence 2016 is currently being sold for just under six quid and considering it won a silver medal at this year's International Wine Challenge (which wine connoisseurs assure us is a BIG deal), this is a pretty dreamy situation.

Aldi's rosé bottle includes notes of 'strawberry, white fruit and subtle spice' and is recommended as an aperitif. Don't mind if we do...

Delphine Chui