This hack will make your cheap wine taste more expensive

No more forking out £££ for wine

wine hack
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No more forking out £££ for wine

Are you a wine lover but can't stand paying serious dollar for a bottle? Or you simply can't afford to splash out on a nice vintage bottle from a fancy vineyard? Well, we've finally found the answer to your wine woes – and it's even better news than this £5 Asda red wine being named as the best in the world.

Thanks to this handy little hack, you can make a cheap bottle or box of vino taste like you paid about six times the actual price for it. Result!

All you have to do is pour the wine into a blender, blitz it for about 30 seconds and your wine will be totally transformed into a high-end tasting one. Not your usual healthy NutriBullet recipe perhaps, but it sounds pretty great to us and definitely worth a try. So, how does it work, exactly?

Well, the blender acts a bit like a quick decanter and aerates the wine, meaning that the overall flavour is seriously improved. Vineyard owner Marcy Roth told Good Morning America: 'Decanting was traditionally done to separate the settlements from the wine so you wouldn't end up with hunks of grape skin in your class or your teeth.

'[But] it also opens up the wine and aerates it, allowing more of the flavour and aromas to come forth and to show their most finessed polish side.' Experts also say that blending your wine softens any tannins, a natural substance which gives wine its dry taste. And, seeing as drinking wine before bed helps you lose weight (look we didn't make that up, it's science, OK?), we're all about cheap wine that tastes great too.

Definitely one to put to the test on a Friday night or next time you're having guests over who you want to impress - without the cost.

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