Lizzy Hadfield has partnered with Tada & Toy on a jewellery collab you'll want to keep forever

Add these to your jewellery rotation.

Lizzy Hadfield wearing the Tada and Toy collaboration collection
(Image credit: Courtesy of Tada and Toy)

Influencer collaborations might seem like a dime a dozen in this day and age, but for creative Lizzy Hadfield who boasts a 500K strong Instagram following, it was all about waiting for the right opportunity. 

"It's one of those long-term goals as an influencer to do a design collaboration," Lizzy told Marie Claire. "A few opportunities had not been the right fit, but when Tada & Toy got in touch, I met with the founders, and we all just got on so well. You know, when you sit down with people and you're like these are my people."

Aside from the initial friendship, the jewellery brand also aligned with Lizzy's values. "It's a female-run company, it's all women working there, they have a focus on sustainability, and they use recycled materials," she explained. "So they were ticking lots of broader boxes, as well as just the personal connection we had." 

And so with that, the wheels went into motion for the duo's first collaboration. 

Launching today, Lizzy Hadfield and Tada & Toy have released a 9-piece collection, comprised of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The range features recycled gold and has been inspired by Lizzy's personal jewellery collection. 

Lizzy Hadfield wearing the Tada & Toy jewellery collaboration

(Image credit: Courtesy of Tada & Toy)

"I started off with pieces from my own collection already that were family pieces or things that my friends wore, that they'd bought in Greece six years ago, in a shop no one ever can go to again," Lizzy joked. "You know, those one-off pieces that you can just never quite find again."

From there, Lizzy and Tada & Toy looked to reimagine some favourites, ensuring the collection contained classic pieces that would be worn time and time again. "I wanted to create a really good foundation of basic pieces. Basic gold hoops and chain necklaces," she said. "So you can start off with that and then build upon it with more statement pieces too." 

Of course, the collection is not lacking in statement pieces. Between the blue lapis and bronze, Tigers eye gemstone details which appear across the collection, the range certainly has something for the customer who wants to level up their jewellery game.  

Further adding to the unique element of the collection, for the pieces that include stones, Lizzy explained that each stone will appear slightly differently on each piece of jewellery. "We wanted to use stones that were going to be unique to each piece. Both the blue lapis and the tiger's eye have different textures," Lizzy said. "This means every ring will have a different texture in it, so no two people are going to have the exact same item." 

Lizzy Hadfield wearing the Tada & Toy jewellery collaboration

(Image credit: Courtesy of Tada & Toy)

Whether you're in the market for some statement earrings, or want to add a gold chain necklace to your everyday rotation, this collection certainly has something for everyone. Keep scrolling to see and shop the new collection now. 

Shop the Lizzy Hadfield x Tada & Toy collaboration: 

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