The ultimate grooming & style guide for your man this Valentine’s Day

Our skin is exposed to so many elements and is prone to breakouts, especially wearing a face mask and if you’re surrounded by the office air con it can also dry out and flake. The Blemish + Age cleanser helps decongest and refine the pores, helping to minimise blemishes and giving a brighter look, ideal for looking fresh on date night. Its clever combination of ingredients also removes excess oil and accelerates the skin to exfoliate, helping to smoothen any imperfections.

Words by Ajay Teli

The annual day of romance is looming and if you have a man in your life, be that your husband, boyfriend, father or friend be sure that they are on their A-game on the big V Day.

We’re slowly stepping out of the pandemic and there is no longer an excuse not to look your best, especially as date nights will be in full force. Restaurants and hotels are already fully booked and we’ve heard that old school romance could be making a comeback.

So, if you’re wanting your man to look their best make sure they're prepared with the latest grooming and style accessories to really woo you on Valentine's Day. Furthermore, if you want to really impress them, see this as the perfect gift guide too – you’ll have a gift that we benefit you as much as it will him.

Now, throw on that outfit, check the hair and for that final flourish, get those cool shades on (if you’re out for the day), suave is the name of this game and you can finish the look off with a pair of Gucci acetate frame shiny black sunglasses (£158,, now it’s all down to the charm offensive. Good luck!

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