How to wrap a present like a complete pro this Christmas

Why didn't we know this before?

How to wrap a present
(Image credit: Rex Features (Shutterstock))

Why didn't we know this before?

Want to know how to wrap a present like an absolute pro this Christmas? Well help is now at hand. As everyone knows, the worst part of Christmas present shopping (apart from trying to guess what your great aunt Mildred really wants, figuring out the best Christmas shopping hacks and being totally broke after a big spending spree) is having to wrap all those darn presents afterwards. So thank all our lucky stars that this incredible Japanese wrapping trick has come into our lives.

Suffice it to say that watching the calm demonstration of how to wrap a rectangular box left us feeling shellshocked.

Basically, everything you thought you knew about wrapping is wrong. It turns out you've not only been folding the paper wrong and picking the size wrong, but also putting the packet down the wrong way round.

Watch and prepare to have your mind blown...

Now you've done the obligatory seasonal tour of the best Christmas markets and you've found the perfect Christmas gifts for her - or Christmas gifts for him - so there's no excuse for those pressies to look anything less than perfect.

Forget the old newspaper wrapped packages and sloppily taped boxes, this has upped our Christmas game forever. Here's hoping your friends and family put nearly as much effort into their gifts for you too.

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