Bagatiba is my new jewellery obsession and it will be yours too

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Stone jewellery is one of the biggest jewellery trends for autumn/winter season, and one label stands out from the rest when it comes to the style: Bagatiba.

I can't stop seeing the label on social media and celebrities (the Hadids, Kendall and Kaia are all fans), and it's not rocket science to figure out why. The designs are not only stunning in their timelessness, minimalism, they're sustainable and affordable, so their appeal is evident.

For those of you not already in the know, Bagatiba is the brainchild of entrepreneur, designer, model, gallerist and actor Jessie Andrews, who also owns her own creative studios in LA.

Jessie saw a gap in the market for a jewellery brand that was sustainable and affordable, and set out to create her own brand with little experience or budget.

She told me: "When I started Bagatiba, almost 12 years ago now, social media wasn’t really a thing like it is today. It was hard to find new brands, young cool ones, affordable but still trendy. Zara, Claire’s and Tiffany’s were what I knew at 18. I stumbled into a store in downtown LA, saw a gap in the market and decided to make things I thought were interesting but most importantly accessible. It turned into a brand and here we are today! "

Now it has over 159k followers on Instagram and a celebrity following most brands can only dream of: Angelina Jolie, the Jenners, the Kardashians amongst many others.

The designs are timeless yet fashion-forward, as well as the aforementioned stone jewellery, Bagatoba focuses on silver and gold pieces including Jessie's signature gold tab necklace, zodiac charms, orb rings and hoops.

Where for some brands sustainability might just be for show, at Bagatiba, it is a way of life.


(Image credit: Dirk Mai)

During lockdown Jessie launched the Triple R upcycling project: Return, Recycle, Re-use, whereby customers can return unwanted pieces of jewellery in return for a discount, after which the label upcycles/recycles them to create new ones.

Jessie also sources deadstock and recycles metals in her designs, and is transparent about the entire process, while no single use plastic is used in packaging, which is also sustainable.

As for the stone collection that's stolen my heart, it is all about playfulness.

"The inspiration behind my most recent beaded collection and most of my collections is the joyish element of experiences. Metal jewellery is usually taken quite seriously, it’s seen as elevated and elegant but I love the idea of mixing mixing that stigma with this playfulness. Whether it be letter blocks made of gold, beads I found at a local shop I stumbled in or a rock I found on the beach. I want to make my experiences accessible through wearable pieces," Jessie explains.

Shop it and other best-selling pieces below.

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