"When you feel like you look good, you can take on the world," Khloé Kardashian on the power of inclusive fashion

Her brand Good American recently revealed its latest 'Good Squad.'

Good American Good Squad
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Google the phrase 'Good American' and one of the first results you'll see is a link to the brand's website. In bold capital letters, the clickable copy reads "Good American | Representing Body Positivity." 

At its core, Good American has always been a brand that has championed an inclusive ethos of self-love and acceptance. Since its inception in 2016, co-founders Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede have worked to ensure the label caters to as many women as possible.

"At our core, the desire is to make fashion as inclusive as possible and for women to feel empowered and represented," Khloé Kardashian tells Marie Claire UK, exclusively. "Fashion sometimes gets really intimidating, and people feel that they can’t venture out into certain things, because they were only shown certain silhouettes or styles."

"For Good American, that's who we've always been, and it's not a fad," Khloé continues. "We don’t sell to retail stores unless they’re going to carry the full-size range. It’s our mission to make our assortment of denim, ready-to-wear, shoes and more as inclusive as possible, finding ways to innovate in fabric and fit so women feel empowered. What I really love is [more] women are being seen, heard, and validated and this is only growing especially with our annual Open Casting.”

Good American's Open Casting has become a key hallmark of the brand's identity. The initiative sees the label open its door to real women, offering anyone who wants to enter the chance to be chosen to be included in the brand's campaigns.

Members of the 2023 Good American Good Squad

(Image credit: Courtesy of Good American)

"The open casting provides an opportunity for real women to be at the forefront of our campaigns, turning them into role models and ambassadors for the young girls who feel different or unseen," Kardashian explains. "We want to change the fashion industry, which has been built on specific standards that ignore a huge demographic of women."

"Real and authentic inclusion isn’t a trend, which is why representation is so important to us," Co-founder Emma Grede adds. "We want to make sure our customers feel seen, heard and included all the time."

Last month, Good American revealed its most recent Good Squad, and as to be expected the class of 2023 is as inclusive as ever. There are even a few UK members this year, including Rimshah Asghar, who is an NHS associate practitioner and model from Manchester, and Tanisha Link, who is a paralegal and model based in London.

So, how do Emma and Khloé hope women feel in their clothes? "Confident and sexy but comfortable," Kardashian explains. "When you feel like you look good, you can take on the world." 

"There are so many brands out there that compromise comfort for sexy or sexy for comfort, but why?" Grede adds. "We want the women who wear our clothes to feel comfortable and sexy and when you feel those things, you can radiate confidence.”

“We believe everybody deserves to be shown off and fashion should be made to fit women, not the other way around," Grede continues.  

Although the brand started with denim, Good American has expanded in recent years and now offers dresses, jackets, casualwear and even swim, in sizes that range from 00 and 32 US (or from size 2 to 36 for those of us in the UK). 

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