It’s Gucci SS18 and you are going to love it

Love at first sight? You Bet

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Love at first sight? You Bet

Words - Charlotte Moore

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The Gucci Vibe

Stepping out of the sunshine and into the cavernous Gucci space on the fringes of Milan felt like wandering into a huge Roman church. If that is, you chose to ignore the gazillions of street-styling Gucci clad-frow-goers posing amongst the pillars, arches, statues and stone masonry, that formed the All New Gucci World.

The Gucci Set

'The show-space recounts the diverse inspirations and aesthetics' explained designer Alessandro Michele. And diverse it was - with bold green benches, a yellow and blue runway set off by a mix of art work from many different periods and places. Much like Michele's entire aesthetic it took from the past and the present to create an incredible, original but very bright future.

A Church Rave

By the time the show started; and the glittering in Gucci crowd had had time to compose many an Instagram story, the whole place was pumped with smoke, lasers started shooting across the ceiling and the high energy dance music kicked in. High adrenalin, high drama - it was like an absolutely unforgettable church rave.

Logo Mania

'Guccy' on one of the bags, 'Animal Magnetism' on one of the jumpers. Playing with words, twisting the cliches - Michele did it brilliantly.

Get Those Shades

Ever seen a 3D movie? Add some embellishment, some Gucci gloss and glitter and there you have it: the new sunglasses shape for next summer. And don't ask which face shape it suits. That is not the point.

The Fashion Playground

From the 60s, to the 70s to the 80s dotted with a splash of strange and medieval. The references flew past at an alarming rate.Tracksuits with crystal details, dresses, jump-suits, fur coats, pink suits, tartan, tulle, broderie anglaise. 'I'm trying to translate fashion in a playground that is more about the contemporary population' said Michele. So many pieces, so many ideas, so many amazing new things to look at. Exhausting, exhilarating and creating a desire to shop that is just unstoppable.

That's Milan Fashion off to a good start then.

Gucci, Prada, over to you...

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