Bettina Looney's Paris Fashion Week must-haves and the £15 moisturiser she can't live without

All her OOTD details, plus her Dior bag essentials

Bettina Looney at Dior Paris Fashion Week
(Image credit: Darren Gerrish)

Bettina Looney is one of Marie Claire UK's favourite fashion influencers, and with nearly 200k Instagram followers, we're not alone in loving her style. 

As a personal shopper and stylist, Looney always nails her fashion week look. So when we found out she would also be attending Dior's Paris Fashion Week show (yes, the one you've seen all over TikTok), we just had to find out what she was wearing and what she keeps in her Dior signature bag. 

Ever wonder how fashion week goers look so effortlessly chic? Us too. So ahead of Dior's iconic show, we sat down with Looney to discover her go-to fragrance, skincare heroes and, of course, the OOTD. 

Bettina Looney at Dior Paris Fashion Week walking towards the camera with a black Dior handbag

(Image credit: Darren Gerrish)

The Outfit Of The Day

This OOTD is a special one. Can you talk us through your outfit for today's Dior fashion show?

"Today, I wore a long wrap skirt with a beautiful drape effect in the front. I paired this with a matching tunic as I loved the idea of wearing something that looked like it could be one piece while still having a lot of intricacies. I wanted something effortless, easy, but also elegant. I paired this look with a Gem Dior watch, Gem bracelet and also threw on a few of my favourite vintage jewellery pieces."

Bettina Looney at Dior Paris Fashion Week holding up her Dior handbag

(Image credit: Darren Gerrish)

The Handbag Essentials

We spotted your incredible Dior bag. What are your essentials for attending a fashion show?

"Lipstick and lip liner are A MUST. Lipgloss, blush, my phone, sunnies and a hand held light for photos."

The Fragrance

What is your go-to fragrance?

"I usually go for anything with a bit of patchouli as I love the intensity of the smell of this ingredient. Dior actually have an amazing fragrance called Patchouli Imperial. I believe it’s men’s, but I love mixing it up a bit!"

We're not surprised this is a favourite this season, with unisex scents being one of the most popular perfumes of the year. 

The Skincare Essentials

What are the skincare essentials you couldn't live without in your skincare routine?

"My Weleda skin food moisturiser, Rhodes lip peptide treatment, Dior's rouge blush palette, Refy's lip sculpt, and Merit's mascara! These are in my makeup bag at all times!"

Bettina Looney at Dior Paris Fashion Week

(Image credit: Darren Gerrish)

The Dior Show

What was your favourite look from Dior's collection and why?

"I couldn't just choose one, as I feel like Dior always teeters between two styles that I love. Classic and edgy, and classic and girly. The first would have to be the classic but edgy patent leather trench paired with hot pants and the second was a one shoulder top paired with a beautiful ivory a-line skirt, which for me is a true symbol of Dior."

Bettina Looney at Dior Paris Fashion Week

(Image credit: Darren Gerrish)

Trends to Watch

What spring trends are you most looking forward to wearing this season?

"I feel like sheer modesty will be a big trend this spring, which I saw a lot of in Dior's SS24 collection! Light materials, modestly done, a win-win for me!"

Dionne Brighton

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