The best bras for big busts

These are the things to look out for when you're buying a bra

These are the things to look out for when you're buying a bra

Is there anything more frustrating than finding the perfect bra if you've got big boobs? It certainly feels like your options are limited if you've got a D cup or above (hello maternity bras).

But it turns out that if you know what you're looking for, your options are broader than you'd think. Sharon Bell, Head of Product and Design at Ultimo shares her expert tips on which styles to look out for if you've got a big bust (and if you've got a small bust, we've got a separate guide here).

Do women will big busts need to look for extra support?

Bras for larger breasts tend to have additional linings in the cups and firm power mesh wings that are very important for support. Most also have a slightly wider strap.

Do you need to look for larger straps if you have a big bust?

Although the support for your breast doesn't actually come from the strap the breast weight does put pressure on the strap and in turn your shoulders, if the strap is to narrow it is likely to dig into your shoulders which causes discomfort and can dent and mark on the skin. So we recommend you opt for a wider strap to ensure maximum comfort.

What’s the best type of cup for big busts?

This depends on the shape and look that you prefer, there are a large variety of shapes and types available on the market now for fuller busts so there’s lots to choose from.

We’d recommend a plunge style for a good cleavage boost or to wear with low cut dresses or tops, a balcony style for more comfort and coverage for everyday wear beneath work wear or t-shirts. Moulded cups give a clean smooth line under clothes while lace and embroidery create a lighter feel and a less sculptured look that a lot of fuller busted ladies prefer. It’s really about what you like and what looks good on you!

What is the most comfortable bra for big busts?

This depends on your body shape as everyone is different, but the main thing is to make sure you are wearing the correct size. If you have that right, then the bra you choose should be comfortable while supporting and enhancing your natural shape.

Which bra style works best for a big bust?

There’s a common misconception that fuller bust bras are frumpy, at Ultimo that’s definitely not the case. Each style from our capsule collection of DD+ fashion and core lingerie combines amazing support with extreme comfort and style.

What should you look out for when buying a bra for a big bust?

I’d recommend you look for a slightly wider strap and an under band and wing that feel soft but firm. Opt for either a moulded or lined cup, because a cup that's too stretchy won't offer enough support.

Most importantly, the key thing is to check you’re wearing the right size and to try a bra on to make sure it ticks all of the boxes. Not every bra is the right styles or shape for everybody, but when you find the right one you’ll never look back.

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