You fans have a wild theory about who the killer really is - and it's actually possible

Why does this kind of make sense?!

You season 4
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Spoilers ahead for You season 4

You is back on Netflix, and in the first five episodes we've seen exactly what Joe Goldberg has been up to since he fled the US in stalker pursuit of Marienne. 

If you binged part one in a single sitting - same. After wrapping things up in season 3 by way of a toe pie and a dash of arson, this season we see Joe make his way to Paris in a bid to hunt down his former librarian boss. However, after committing to a life on the straight and narrow, he has settled down in London to start afresh (although viewers who live in the city are quite outraged by this detail). 

While his 'little European holiday' was supposed to be free of stalking, murder and general chaos, things haven't quite worked out that way. Joe, who is now known as a beardy tweed-wearing university lecturer named Jonathon Moore, has fallen in with a bunch of ultra-rich socialites who are being picked off one by one by a murderer dubbed the 'eat the rich killer'. 

For once, Joe's not the one on a knife-wielding spree - but that doesn't mean he's had any spare time for sightseeing. Instead, he's been cleaning up the killer's frame jobs and attempting to dodge death himself. 

By the last episode of part one, it is revealed that Rhys - the only person in the friendship group who Joe actually gets on with - is actually the mystery murderer. Rhys has been pinning the deaths on Joe, harassing him via anonymous messages, uncovering his true identity, and trying to coerce him into forming some sort of bloodthirsty duo. 

You season 4

(Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2022)

However, You fans have a wild theory about who the eat the rich killer actually is - and it could be possible. 

TikTok user @nerdyblonde12 made a very good case that Rhys and Joe are only ever seen talking one on one - and that Rhys could be a figment of Joe's imagination. 

How, you may ask?

Well, in a Fight Club-esque twist of events, the Rhys that Joe talks to could actually just be Joe himself. While the author and wannabe Mayor is undoubtedly a real character - we do see Rhys interact with other members of the group, he appears on TV, has written a book (as read by Joe's student Nadia) and is often mentioned by the other characters - the version that Joe believes he's talking to could actually just be his own imagination. 

Take a look at the full theory here:


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Fans are backing this theory, pointing out that it can't be quite as simple as Rhys being the killer. 

One person wrote: "I’m on board with this theory. Killer being simply Rhys is far too easy."

Another added: "I like this theory, I think that is happening bc Joe is so desperate to prove that he’s changed to Marienne so unconsciously he’s blaming someone."

What do you think? Could Rhys be Joe?

We'll have to wait until next month to find out. 

You season 4 continues on Netflix on 9th March. 

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