Of all the unrealistic moments in You, Londoners are most outraged by this detail

If you live in the city, you'll know *exactly* what this is

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in You
(Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2022)

You season 4 dropped on Netflix last week, and if you haven't spent the weekend catching up on Joe Goldberg's antics then it is highly suggested that you do - and then return to this article. Especially if you're a Londoner. 

Warning - You season 4 spoilers ahead

The last time we saw Joe, he was baking his toe into a pie and leaving Love to perish in their suburban family home, before stalking Marienne to Paris. 

However, in the latest instalment, Joe has now set up a life for himself in London. After getting a tip off on Marienne's whereabouts, he hopped on the Eurostar (we presume) and chased her down. But in a twist of events, he decided against his usual go-to solution (murder) and ensured she safely returned to Paris. Growth?

Now, though, Joe is stuck in the Big Smoke - and he's surrounded by a bunch of narcissistic rich kids who he can't quite seem to shake off. They've been roping him into getting hammered with them in swanky bars, spending nauseating amounts of money on artistic eggs and joining a countryside getaway complete with pheasant - and human - hunting. 

All in all, a pretty full on start for the US expat who's trying so hard not to get involved in any murders that he seems to be unwillingly manifesting them. Throw in the fact that Joe - who now fronts as a university lecturer named Jonathan Moore - has now fallen for his newly-dead friend's partner, there's a killer pinning victims on him and he's spent a weekend dodging Roald's rifle.  

And while there are many unrealistic parts of You, there's one thing that has left Londoners absolutely baffled. 

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in You

(Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2022)

Is it the fact that he's more slippery than a buttered eel? That he can clean up an entire bloodbath without getting a single speck of blood on his crisp white shirt? Or that he's hauling bodies around left, right and centre and no one has ever witnessed it?

No. It's the geographical inaccuracies when he's zipping around the city. 

While he rents a flat in South Kensington, he's seen walking home from work - a leafy university campus that looks suspiciously like Royal Holloway in Surrey, which is about 20 miles away. En route, he casually strolls past hipsters in Shoreditch, another six miles in the opposite direction. He's also able to get from Chiswick to Southwark in record time - and can afford the rent on an enormous property in a fancy mews. 

Which is one step too far for Twitter users, who have some feelings. 

One wrote: "Oh, YOU is fantastic. We have no idea where this university is. Somehow a campus uni that looks v home counties-esque, but set in Ldn. He lives in a mews in Knightsbridge, that apparantly is paid for by the uni. He walks through Shoreditch on his way home.Incred. Delightful&silly."

Another added: "It’s my old university (Royal Holloway in surrey) and my group chat is currently popping off about how his quick walk would actually take 8 hours."

A third stated: "Pretending that Joe from YOU is walking from Royal Holloway to South Kensington daily is too much disbelief for me to suspend I fear."

Others are sharing screenshots of the leisurely walks, with times varying from six to eight hours. 

Well, at least he's getting his step count in.

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