Killing Eve Season 3 is being released sooner than you thought

The award-winning BBC drama is back very soon

Killing Eve Season 3
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The award-winning BBC drama is back very soon

Killing Eve fanatics (which, according to sources, include Prince William), listen up: the release date for the highly anticipated next season has been brought forward to way earlier than originally planned.

Yep, you read that right. It was announced yesterday that the third season will now air on Saturday 19th April—that's two weeks early.

Taking to the official Twitter account, execs for the show shared a new trailer jam-packed full of plenty of hints about what's to come of main characters Eve and Villanelle and their complicated love-hate relationship, alongside the new air date.

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Given the current coronavirus lockdown, it's perfectly timed—so much so Twitter users reckon the release date has been moved on purpose to provide light entertainment for the millions in isolation across the globe at current. If you're unsure what else to watch, there's a whole host of boxsets and Disney+ UK shows and films waiting for you.

Spoiler alert—if you need a reminder of what happened at the end of season two, it was tense. Together, Eve and Villanelle murdered Vilanelle's handler from The Twelve Raymond, with Eve ultimately rejecting Villanelles' advances and potentially losing her life as a result.

The trailer gives a sneak peak of what starring actors Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh will be up to this season, from Jodie Comer's Villanelle, in her own words, 'moving up in the world' shortly after the death of Eve. That is, before she discovers that Eve is still very much alive and well...

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It's not the first teaser trailer. In February, to coincide with Valentine's Day, fans saw a short clip showing Villanelle creeping out from behind a red cloth while the song 'Hallelujah' played in the background. The clip read 'Happy V Day'. Dun dun dun...

The series was originally set to hit screens on 26 April 2020, and while you've still got a few weeks to wait until the new series is out on April 19th, it's launch date has been pushed forward a whole two weeks.

US and UK viewers will see the series unfold at the same time, unlike in 2019 where US fans saw the crime drama hit screens a huge two months before it aired in the UK.

Go, go, go.

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