Prince William is a secret fan of this high fashion BBC drama

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The millennial royals are by far the most popular with the public, simply for the fact that they are relatable.

Gone are the days when royals would just wave from a balcony - they’re now all over social media, wear high-street brands and have refreshingly normal hobbies.

The latest royal to make news on the subject is Prince William, who aside from his love of Game of Thrones and emojis, has revealed another love - and it’s a high fashion BBC drama.

Prince William is a huge fan of Killing Eve.

Yes, this is not a drill.

killing eve

Credit: BBC
(Image credit: BBC)

The revelation came about when Prince William, president of BAFTA, attended the opening of London’s ‘Behind the Screens’ exhibition, celebrating 75 years of UK film and TV, in September last year.

One of the shows featured was Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s award winning hit, Killing Eve, a programme that Prince William claimed to be a fan of.

‘Apparently he has watched it all,’ Killing Eve producer Sally Woodward Gentle explained. ‘We didn’t test him, but he did say it was quite a final ending to series two. So at least he watched the last three minutes of the last episode! He said he loved it.’

She continued: ‘He said he didn’t quite get it to start with, but then he got into it.’

And to top it off, Prince William was given a pair of Villanelle’s iconic hospital Pyjamas from the season two premiere to take home.

‘They are meant to be worn quite small,’ Sally Woodward Gentle went on to explain, via People. 'But they are adult-sized. We had them made up especially for the show. We had a few made up, and that’s the last pair left.’

We love this.

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