The Weasley children just had a reunion and it is everything we needed

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  • We love knowing that the Harry Potter cast are still good friends, whether it’s photos of Tom Felton and Emma Watson‘s impromptu trips to the beach for a spot of skateboarding or the fact that they all have their own WhatsApp group.

    And fans will be excited to know that there was an extra special Weasley reunion just a few days ago.

    James and Oliver Phelps, the actors who played Fred and George Weasley in the films, have their own YouTube channel, Double Trouble, and they invited their on-screen little sister Bonnie Wright – who played Ginny – to join them for a magical chat.

    They reminded us just how long ago the Philosopher’s Stone hit the screens, explaining that they’ve known Bonnie for almost twenty years now.

    ‘We’re sure a lot of people around the world are keeping up with long lost family,’ they said.

    And of course, they’re absolutely correct.

    The three stars spoke about meeting for the first time while shooting a scene at King’s Cross Station.

    When James and Oliver said that they only met the actress half an hour before they shot the scene, Bonnie said: ‘I remember it was so cold, I had a hot water bottle under my costume. I’d never been on a film set or knew anything… I remember [Julie Walters] just being like, “I’ve got you under my wing,” and I just felt so much safer.’

    She also revealed how she landed the part despite having no formal acting experience, explaining: ‘My brother had read the first two books and he said, “Oh you really remind me of a character called Ginny, you should audition for it.”

    ‘I’d never been for an audition or even wanted to be an actor. My mum came home from work and my brother and I were like, “How can we figure this out?”.

    ‘My mum had like no idea so she rang Bloomsbury the publishers, and then they passed her the number for the casting director and then my mum called them and they were like, “Yeah sure, just send a few photos of Bonnie and ask her to write a sentence of why she wants to be in the film and who she wants to play.”

    ‘So I did that and went from one audition with the casting director and then quite a while later got called back and I went and met with Chris Columbus.’

    The three also discussed what they’ve been doing since filming wrapped, with Bonnie talking about her environmental work in Guatemala.

    Well this is exactly what all Harry Potter fans need right now.

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