These 70s-inspired baby names are making a comeback thanks to Daisy Jones & The Six


Daisy Jones & The Six Baby Names
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Since Daisy Jones & The Six landed on Prime Video earlier this month, it has sparked an epic 70s revival - from the fringes to the flares. 

But it also seems to be inspiring something other than fashion and beauty - baby names

Many parents-to-be turn to films and TV shows for baby name inspiration, whether it's something from their go-to Disney favourites or the fictional characters that they love.

So if you've been glued to the show based on the bestselling novel by Taylor Jenkins , baby naming experts Bella Baby used Google search data and cross-referenced with baby name websites to find the most popular Daisy Jones & The Six inspired monikers.

They explained: "Based in the 1970s, the show consists of several 'traditional' character names, as these names were extremely popular during that time. Baby names have since evolved, however some of these traditional names remain popular.

"We have seen in the past that baby names are often inspired by popular culture - whether that be through celebrities or television shows. Therefore, it would not be uncommon for a parent-to-be to name their baby after a character in a show like this."

Take a look at the names and their meanings below...

Daisy Jones & The Six baby names

  • Daisy - English origin, meaning day's eye or flower name
  • Teddy - English origin, a form of the name Theodore 
  • Billy - German origin, a form of the name William meaning resolute guardian
  • Eddie - English origin, a form of the name Edward meaning guardian of prosperity 
  • Camila - French origin, meaning free-born or noble 
  • Warren - German origin, meaning defender 
  • Bernie - German origin, a form of the name Bernard meaning grim bear 
  • Graham - English origin, meaning warlike 
  • Simone - Hebrew origin, meaning one who hears
  • Karen - Greek origin, meaning pure
  • Rod - English origin, short form of Roderick or Rodney

Bella Baby explains: "Baby names such as Daisy, Teddy, Billy and Eddie remain popular options today. Other names such as Rod are no longer popular baby names, however this could change at any time, especially if people were inspired by the characters’ names!"

Would you use any of these 70s inspired baby names for your little one?

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