President Obama is hosting his own music festival because he's the coolest

And no, it's not called 'Obamafest'

Obama's music festival
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And no, it's not called 'Obamafest'

President Obama has already shared both his summer playlist and reading list with us this year, but now he's taking things to the next level.

The White House has announced that this year, POTUS will be hosting his own music festival, South by South Lawn (such a great name). It already sounds like the event of the year to us. If you didn't already know President Obama was a legend, allow us to provide you with a bit more evidence - here are some of President Obama's funniest moments in office, in case you need a reminder.

South by South Lawn will be a one day festival at the White House on the 3rd of October, in partnership with SXSW, celebrating the 'spirit of innovation'. It will feature live music, panel discussions, and short films by students under the theme 'The World I Want to Live In'. As yet, no acts are confirmed, but we already want to go.

There's no doubt about it that Barack and Michelle are pretty down to earth, and hosting this festival is another example of that. Don't believe us? Here's 15 times they were the realest.

The official announcement from the White House reads: 'The White House will convene creators, innovators, and organizers from across the country for an evening of music, film, and great ideas. It is a call to arms for every American to roll up their sleeves and make a positive mark on our country - and a celebration of the great work so many of us have already accomplished.'

Festival attendees will be valuable members of the community, and can be nominated on The White House's website (we'll definitely be nominating ourselves). The deadline is Saturday, so you'd better get in there quick!

See you on the South Lawn in October, then?

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