Travis Kelce's sweet words about how happy he is right now are going viral

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce in New York City
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Travis Kelce never fails to make headlines, and from his Kansas City Super Bowl win to his high profile relationship with Taylor Swift, he is one of the most talked-about people of 2024.

This week was no exception as the NFL player reflected on recent life in an interview with Good Morning America. And given that he’s spending his off-season touring Europe with Swift on her sellout Eras tour, he’s unsurprisingly in a very good space.

In fact, when asked how good life is at the moment “on a scale of 1 to 10”, he replied “100”.

“Man, I'm so fortunate and so grateful of everything that's come my way in life,” Kelce explained in the interview. “I feel like I'm on top of the mountain, even after winning the Super Bowl and having the off season that I'm having. Just looking forward to what's next in life, man…I’m so grateful. So appreciative.

"When you have good family and friends around you, it makes that aspect of life that much easier," he later continued. “I've always been a very grounded guy, you know. It might not come off like that when I'm playing football, but off the field, I just wanna be a genuine person. I try not to get too far down the road, because you just never know what opportunities are gonna present themselves."

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs' win at the 2024 Super Bowl

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While Kelce didn’t specifically mention Swift, he has in the past, with the tight end never missing an opportunity to praise his girlfriend.

“I've never dated anyone with that kind of aura about them,” Kelce has reflected previously to the WSJ Magazine. “I've never dealt with it. But at the same time, I'm not running away from any of it. The scrutiny she gets, how much she has a magnifying glass on her, every single day, paparazzi outside her house, outside every restaurant she goes to, after every flight she gets off, and she's just living, enjoying life. When she acts like that, I better not be the one acting all strange.

“I’ve never been a man of words, [but] being around her, seeing how smart Taylor is, has been fucking mind-blowing. I’m learning every day."

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