Travis and Jason Kelce received a friendly warning before meeting the royal family

Travis and Jason Kelce watch the Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers game
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Travis and Jason Kelce are having a real moment in 2024, and from the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl win to the success of their 'New Heights' podcast, the brothers are front and centre.

This is undoubtedly also down to Travis Kelce's relationship with megastar Taylor Swift, with the Kelce duo accompanying the singer for part of her record-breaking Eras tour this year.

Travis Kelce in particular has been a staple in the VIP section of his girlfriend's concerts, appearing onstage for a surprise dance cameo, as well as hosting A-list names backstage.

This even extended to royalty last month, as the Kelce brothers joined Taylor Swift in welcoming Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte to the opening night of her London leg at Wembley stadium.

In the days since, the Kelce brothers have opened up about the star-studded meeting, releasing an episode of their 'New Heights' podcast from London.

"We met royalty guys. That's right, there was royalty at the show," Travis Kelce announced in last month's episode, going on to call Prince William "the coolest motherfucker".

"He was so cool!," the brothers continued, describing the Prince of Wales and his two eldest children as "an absolute delight to meet".

The brothers did note that they were initially concerned about how to greet the future King, going on to recall that they were fortunately given a friendly warning ahead of the meeting about protocols.

"I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to like bow to them, curtsy, or just be an American idiot and shake their hand," Kelce recalled. "But they said that because we weren’t at like an official royal event, we didn’t need to bow or curtsy. If it would have been like an official meeting of royalty event, then it would have been that.

"But I did still address him as Your Royal Highness," Jason Kelce continued. "I've never felt emasculated. And I did. That was the closest I've ever been."

Both the brothers had particularly special words to say about Princess Charlotte, with Jason Kelce naming her as his "highlight".

"The highlight was Princess Charlotte. Prince George was great too, but she was so fucking adorable," he recalled. "I cannot express how much of a superstar she was."

Well, this is lovely.

We will continue to update this story.

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