Taylor Swift's viral singing security guard 'fired' after fans shared videos

"Long story short I was fired for it."

Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift's sell-out Eras Tour seems to be all anyone can talk about in recent months - whether it's how to secure tickets, speculation surrounding her relationships, or cryptic clues about her new music.

But now our attention has turned to someone in the crowd at her gigs - and no, it's not a surprise appearance from ex Joe Alwyn or The 1975's Matty Healy, but a member of her security. 

Calvin Denker was working as a security guard during Taylor's Minnesota gig at the end of June. He had reportedly set his 'goals' high on being part of her team at the show, but says he was 'fired' from his dream job when a video of him singing went viral on social media.

Calvin was working on the sidelines to ensure Taylor and the audience remained safe throughout the concert, but he couldn't help channelling his inner Swiftie and was caught on video singing throughout the concert, and in one clip he joined in for the track Cruel Summer

However, he has since claimed that he has been fired by BEST, the security company he worked for. Why? Well, Calvin had reportedly asked those who captured him on camera to send him the footage, as he was not allowed to have his phone on him during work, which he maintained. 

He has since shared a video of him singing, captured by a member of the audience on his own TikTok account, which he followed up explaining how he became a security guard. 

In a third TikTok video, Calvin revealed he was been fired from his job for posting the videos. 

In the clip, he said: "Long story short, I was fired for it. My former security company said that they had a rule against taking photos with any of their performers, and the main issue they had was with my follow up video where I said I handed out pieces of paper to the people in front of me to ask to be sent any photos I’m in. 

"Beyond that the HR lady wasn’t able to articulate exactly what I did wrong, because I didn’t do anything beyond asking for photos, which is what happens at any other concert.  With the only exception being I got any I was included in. 

"Every photo of me from that night was from behind the barricade, like any other photo from a fan would be. I never took my own phone out. And above all else, I made sure that Taylor Swift was safe and all the fans had a good time.

“As long as I was at that concert I was doing my job."

Another clause as a security guard is that they should never turn their back to the crowd to watch the audience, which Calvin affirmed he didn't do. 

He detailed: "I wasn't allowed to turn my back to the crowd and really watch Taylor perform... After night one, I was realising how close Taylor Swift was getting to me so I really wanted to get a photo to document it.

"I handed out these little pieces of paper that said I wasn't allowed to have my phone out but if Taylor Swift comes right behind me, please take a photo of me and text it to my number.

"I handed this out to a couple of people in the front row for night two, and they were really kind and really sweet about it."

Despite lengthy messages with HR, Calvin was booked as a security guard for an Ed Sheeran concert a short while later.

The clip continued: "On the call [to HR] I asked what would happen if I tweeted my TikToks…. I waited and waited, and then after more than a month I never heard anything until I got scheduled to work Ed Sheeran this weekend. 

"I worked Ed Sheeran, I signed in and grabbed my work polo, a couple of managers talked to me to make sure I wasn’t making any videos.  But a lot of them were really cool and willing to give me another chance."

Calvin was placed in a similar location to where he was for Taylor, but was moved to prevent any repetition of the previous event.

He continued: "After I completed seven hours of my shift, I was told to talk to HR where the same woman who called me a month ago was upset with me for still working even though I was still assigned more shifts, and hadn’t heard anything from back from her." 

Calvin has urged fans and followers to refrain from reaching out to his former employers, because he managed to witness some incredible artists.

He stressed: "Please don’t send any hate to the company. 

"I still got to work one of the coolest concerts ever... so that is fantastic. And I hold no grudges against my employer".

Well, that's that!

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