This theory about Taylor Swift's old lyrics 'predicting' her relationship with Travis Kelce is actually wild

Swifties love easter eggs - so buckle up for this one

Taylor Swift Eras Tour
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By now the entire world knows about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Since the news broke that the pair have been 'hanging out', speculation about their relationship has snowballed at an impressive speed.

So when Taylor appeared at the NFL player's game on Sunday (private box with none other than his mum Donna, obviously) it sent Swifties into what can only be described as a full on celeb-shipping meltdown. 

Football fans at the Arrowhead Stadium had homemade signs rooting for the pair. Sports reporters were gushing over catching them leaving together. And pictures of them cruising around Kansas City in a vintage convertible post-match have gone viral.

At current, Taylor has not commented publicly, and Travis has attempted to dismiss questions by vaguely addressing the speculation in interviews. In a teaser clip for the next episode of his podcast New Heights, which he co-hosts with his brother Jason, it appears as though Travis might touch on the subject. 

And as details begin to emerge, a very interesting theory has cropped up on social media. For anyone who is vaguely interested in manifestation and also considers themselves an easter-egg-loving Swiftie, this is going to blow your mind. 

Taylor's fans are forensic when it comes to spotting clues from the singer - whether it's in her lyrics, her music videos, what she's wearing or what she's sharing with them. If you're not a Swiftie, then Google it. It's a whole thing. 

Now, a theory that Taylor might have subconsciously predicted her relationship with Travis - and that the universe was in fact giving her easter eggs -  is doing the rounds online.

Manifestation and breakthrough coach Haley Hoffman Smith shared a video on Instagram detailing some key lyrics and synchronicities that she believes indicates that Taylor and Travis could be 'soulmates' and it is gaining traction. 

In her video, she says: "Here are the most magical divine little signs around the Taylor Swift Travis Kelce situationship or whatever is going on there that makes me believe in soulmates and fate."

She goes on to note that in Taylor's song Cornelia Street from the 2019 album Lover, she sings: "Filling in the blanks as we go / As if the street lights pointed in an arrowhead / Leading us home."

Although the song was written about her ex Joe Alwyn, Haley points out the use of 'arrowhead leading us home' in the lyrics - noting that Travis saw Taylor perform at the Arrowhead Stadium as part of her Eras Tour this summer, and it is reportedly where he first tried to get her attention. Plus, it's where Taylor was watching him play this weekend. 

The Instagrammer also points out that Travis coincidently (or not?) shares a birthday with Taylor's beloved grandma Marjorie, and that in her 2009 track Mary's Song she sings: "I'll be 87 / You'll be 89" - and, as fans know, Travis' team number is 87, and they're both born in 1989. 

Finally, she notes that Travis would be Taylor's 13th public boyfriend, and Swifties know all too well that 13 is the singer's lucky number.

The post has had hundreds of comments, with one writing: "The invisible true string."

Another added: "The universe really pulled a TS on TS."

A third wrote: "Okay Taylor Swift spiritual content is my favourite content. Best crossover ever."

Others were happy to poke fun at themselves and the fandom for their love of clue collecting, with one writing: "We're literally like her pet rats just searching the floor for crumbs at this point."

Another said: "I love how delulu we all truly are."

Swifties - what do you think?

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